Public Relations Training for Odd Fellows

This Public Relations Training for Odd Fellows is meant for all Odd Fellows of every Order.

It is broken down into 5+-minute segments which are designed to cover EVERYTHING that you could possibly want to or need to know to understand the power and potential of incorporating an understanding of public relations into your plans to grow or get the most out of your lodge.

Training Modules

Lesson 1: INTRODUCTION—Public Relations Training for Odd Fellows

Lesson 2: EVENTS—The Key to Public Relations

Lesson 3: AUDIENCE—Why It Is Most Important

Lesson 4: AUDIENCE REACH—Why Age Matters

Lesson 5: MARKETING TO MILLENIALS—Why Is It a Perfect Match?

Lesson 6: GRAPHICS—Images, Pictures and Memes--OH MY!!

Lesson 7: PHOTOGRAPHY—Taking Beautiful Pictures

Lesson 8: SHARING—On Social Media and Flyers

Lesson 9: WEBSITES—How a Website Ties It All Together

Lesson 10: BOOTHS—Direct Marketing to Your Community

Lesson 11: CONVERSATIONS STARTERS—T-Shirts, Tattoos, Etc.

Lesson 12: ROSE PARADE FLOAT—Our Only National PR Event

Lesson 13: FACEBOOKING—Running a Page and Group

Lesson 14: INSTAGRAM—What "Twenty-Somethings" Use

Lesson 15: OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA—Pinterest and Other Platforms

Lesson 16: IOOFtv—Videos by California PGM Mel Astrahan

Lesson 17: YOUTUBE—Videos by Odd Fellows History & Mystery

Lesson 18: MUSEUMS—Physical Spaces Dedicated to History

Lesson 19: FREE WIFI—Using Free WiFi to Make Your Lodge Known

Lesson 20: WEBSITE OVERVIEW—What Is Needed (Including Approval)

Lesson 21: SETTING UP A SITE—How Does It Work?

Lesson 22: DOMAIN NAMES—What's In a Name?

Lesson 23: HOSTING—Your Biggest Expense

Lesson 24: PII AND DMCA—Staying Out of Trouble on the Web

Lesson 25: WORDPRESS/THEMES—More Than a Third of All Websites...

Lesson 26: SEO—What It Means and How to Make It Work

Lesson 27: NEWSLETTERS—Keeping Your Subscribers Updated

Lesson 28: FEEDBACK—Soliciting Emails and Comments

Lesson 29: BLOGGING—How Often? What to Blog About?

Lesson 30: SEE OUR LODGE—When and When NOT to Invite...

Lesson 31: WELCOMING GUESTS—What to Do Differently…

Lesson 32: PLEDGE BOOKS—Why Use a Pledge Book

Lesson 33: MEMBERS DISAPPEAR—Where Did They Go?

Lesson 34: SMALL LODGES—In Danger of Collapse and In Denial

Lesson 35: DIVERSITY—The Unavoidable Future of Demographic Change

Lesson 36: HISTORY—Making Those Connections to the Past Relevant Today

Lesson 37: REGALIA—They May Look Cool Because They're Old, But…

Lesson 38: LODGE SHIRTS—Group Identity and Purpose

Lesson 39: LODGE BENEFITS—Game Room, Lodge Van, Etc.

Lesson 40: Masons & Odd Fellows (Differences and Similarities)

Lesson 40: IDEAS FOR LODGES—Gold Hill Seed Swap

Lesson 41: HISTORY—Colma Disgrace and the Lost Odd Fellows Cemetery

Lesson 43: HISTORY—The Curious Case of Charley Parkhurst

Lesson 44: INTERVIEW—Interview Regarding Websites

Lesson 45: INTERVIEW—Interview Regarding Youth Opportunities

Lesson 46: INTERVIEW—Interview Regarding Pilgrimage (Bonnie Sellars)

Lesson 47: INTERVIEW—Interview Regarding Side Orders (Muscovites)

Lesson 48: INTERVIEW—Interview Regarding Grand Lodges

Lesson 49: INTERVIEW—Interview Regarding Sovereign Grand Lodges

Lesson 50: Dedicated Members for Change—Ideas and Challenges