PR Training for Your Lodge

Let’s be brutally honest for a moment.

We must recognize that no amount of public relations (PR) is going to do nearly as much good as following our command: “Visit the sick, relieve the distressed, bury the dead and educate the orphan.” Of course, we’re not doing these things as much as we have in the past…

When your lodge is out doing our good works in your own way, whether it’s an “Odd Market” or an “Odd Fest” or a Spaghetti Dinner or some other way you help your community, we are in the spotlight WHEN we are doing SOMETHING.

It is what we are doing that says volumes about us that no amount of PR can surpass. But what about BEFORE the event? And what about AFTER? This is where PR is going to matter.

If the way you invite people misses the mark, then maybe you won’t have as many people show up. What if something you put out there is “off-putting” and people get the wrong impression of Odd Fellows? What if something doesn’t work out right with one of your events and you don’t properly make clear your intentions? Is bad publicity better than no publicity?

What We Will Cover

Your events are one thing. How you promote them, the impression people get of us and what they are left with are both philosophical art and a marketing science.

We will not only discuss how to promote something on the Internet, but also how to start a website so that people can find your event and return for more information about your lodge.

We’re not going to belabor the obvious on how you invite people to your events, but we will have checklists and lessons learned. We will cover the bases on how to get your event into the newspaper and possibly on radio and television.

We will make sure that people can see what you’ve done at your event if they can’t go and allow them to get a sense of what took place in a way that looks professional and doesn’t miss the mark. We will help you to get the biggest bang for your buck.

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