Poof Too! #30

Event Summary:
Annual magic show, scholarship fundraiser.
What is the cost to the public?
$20 pre-show, $25 at the door
When is the next event?
March 28, 2020
What time? Where? What do I need to bring?
One night, family event. Runs about two and 1/2 including intermission.
What kind of event is this?
ENTERTAINMENT (Movie night, comedy, music, etc.)
What is the cost to the lodge?
What is the profit? Does it produce a loss that needs to be made up?
The goal is to break even or a profit of $1000 so the each lodge (Odd Fellow and Rebekah) can each give a $500 scholarship.
What is the attendance like?
Public event with 300 to 400 in attendance
How often is this event held?
Who is the contact for this event?
Dennis Forel
How should people contact you?
What lodge sponsors this event??
Redondo Lodge #195 Redondo Beach, Ca,
How many co-sponsors do you have for the event?
1st or Only Co-Sponsor
Redondo Odd Fellows Lodge #195 (Ca)
2nd Co-Sponsor
Silver Crest Rebekah Lodge #295 (Ca)